Darkness Ahead: Part 5

Darkness Ahead Part 5 is officially in the works and will be published in the next month or so!

Here’s the blurb for Part 5, the final part in the Darkness Ahead series:

The citizens of the Spire are not alone. There are others. Outsiders that have watched them, kept them in line. And now they have snuck inside and tried to kill them.

Mason wages a war against this unknown enemy, but in the shadow of the greatest death toll in Spire history on his hands, the people of the Spire are weary to put their trust in him again.

Mason must find a way to defeat or make peace with this unknown enemy. He must find a way for the people of the Spire to live.

Part 1 of Darkness Ahead is now available for FREE on amazon! Here’s the Link: Darkness Ahead Part: 1